The DDH Group was founded in 2006 with the aim of consolidating several businesses and investments  within the motor industry, education, financial services, real estate and recreation sectors.

DDH is a grouping that houses associated companies under a common brand identity. Some of the entities comprising the DDH Group have been sold in recent years as part of a re-alignment and consolidation strategy. Today the DDH Group is active mainly in South Africa in the motor industry, real estate and recreation sectors.

The DDH Group has an entrepreneurial focus founded and managed by Solly Heyns.  The major DDH Group brand name is that of Dent Doctor which has many associates and franchisees.  Innovation has always been a core value of DDH Group. Many new ventures have been initiated over the years in an effort to find new roads and what works best within our areas of activity. Some of these projects and ventures have  later had to be shelved or delayed until the market was  ready. We firmly believe that behind the success of every business are its people and when one focuses on an industry that one is passionate about, one will be successful and have the self-motivation to drive the idea and turn it into a reality.

A core belief of the DDH Group is in the strength of the human spirit and that if we could  use our intelligence collectively we could aim to help humanity achieve more peace and prosperity for all.

In line with the above philosophy, after gaining extensive experience in the above sectors over many years, we have re-focused ourselves.  The DDH Group is now poised for another growth phase into Africa and other emerging markets with tried and tested business models and brands.  The DDH Group has attracted certain international interest and is open to partnering with others who can leverage the opportunities that are available in this the second decade of the 21st century. An example of this new focus is an alternative clean energy source company that will help secure sustainable lifestyles.